A small group of children – headed by Peculiar Peas – periodically head off to a local park in their town, where each time they go through one of the park’s entrances, a different world awaits them to enter in and explore.


The Peas collection of stories are presently the least developed. They are definitely on the eastern horizon, so will come into focus when time allows.

In the meantime, I’ve dipped into the archives and pulled — as well as completed — a couple of images from the series.



The genesis of this story goes back a few years when I came up with the name of Peculiar Peas for one of my daughter’s friends. She thought it was funny, as did I, and I thought that it would be an interesting character name for a children’s story.

Over the following months, I toyed with a couple of designs for what such a character could look like. Then, after watching my daughter transfixed by the colourful characters on a graphics magazine, I realised that the images she was looking at were pretty powerful to a child. My next thought was, ‘What if you were to combine such imagery with a great story? The combination would be awesome!’ And so, as I had begun toying with the idea of writing stories at the time anyway, I thought, ‘Why not? You know the characters, you have a couple of ideas – go for it!’ So I did, and so, The Awesome Adventures Of Peculiar Peas was born.

Designs for the main group of Friends in the Peculiar Peas stories, 2008.



The Friends are in their usual haunt, and once again, it’s a beautiful warm day. Birds, which seem not much bigger than bumble bees are flying in and out of the flowers, whilst a tender breeze whistles through some nearby bushes.

The group are questioning Yaan about various aspects of Life and the Universe, and then Amu then decides to see if he’s actually as smart as he says he is, so she asks him, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

He looks at her, His face displays an amused expression as if he knew the question before it was even uttered. He briefly looks at them all in turn before turning back to Amu to answer her.

“Most life on this orb, even the trees that you see around you, are born of seeds,” he begins. “Those that move about, whether in the water, in the air, or on land – such as yourselves, and chickens – have evolved from eggs.

“The egg precedes the evolution of the chicken, because whatever the chicken evolved from, came from an egg. Whether it be a prehistoric bird or reptile or sea-bound creature, they all came from the egg. So therefore, the egg came first. Many cultures across this world know this, hence their reverence for the sacred orb.”

Peculiar Peas isn’t too impressed, and so decides to ask a question of her own. “Is that why boys are so obsessed with football, then?”

Muchee giggles, but Yaan just looks at her. Now it’s his turn to be unimpressed.

© 2008 – 2014 A. Dee

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