The End Of Summer!

Yes, holiday’s over and it’s back to school! From the outside, that’s the way it seems anyway, though the truth is far different.

Even though I was supposedly going to be updating this site at east once a month, I decided to shut up shop for the summer for the sae of ‘creative refurbishments’. In other words, doing some creative restructuring and developing the visual direction of some of the stories in order to enhance what was already there. I know, when people usually do this sort of thing it’s to develop their site, with me, it was to develop what was going to be featured on the site. So in this case, you won’t see an overhaul, but it will hopefully be reflected in its movement and expression.

As a demonstration of this, each page has an update, furthering the insight into each’s development. I’ve even added Poem No. 7 – the last in the series, as I was only going to put up 7 excerpts – to the Poetry section.

Have a look, a read, see what you think, and please feel free to leave a comment, a question or even an emoticon. Your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

Anyway, Thanks for stopping by and let’s get on with the show!

The shape of things to come… Intrigue, confusion and eerie machinations.

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