Over The Wall!

Yes, I’ve finally added to the Wall Stories section from some of the work that Olga (my creative partner) and I have been working on.

In truth, we have a lot of stories – some short, some long, so choosing something for the site was not that easy, being spoilt for choice. With that being the case, I opted for showcasing this one. It was written as a contribution for a magazine that Olga’s produced at uni on the subjects of Art, Activism and the Education System. It’s a first issue for them so should it continue and they want my involvement, then I’ll keep adding to the mix.

The story is called, “The Repulsive World Of The 3 Not-So Little Pigs”, and there has been talk of perhaps turning it into a graphic story. Personally, I have enough going on right now to begin drawing that, but should a potential collaborator come forth, then who knows?

The 3 Not-So Little Pigs.

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