Well, considering that the original design was conceived for a T-Shirt, it was really only a matter of time before it happened. So I’m making it available on my Shop Page. There are a wide range of other items such as Framed Art Prints, Cards, iPhone & iPad Cases, various Skins, Hoodies, Mugs and lots more!
You can see the whole range at -

David sports a T-Shirt; part of the MIFFED! merchandise range.

Howdy's Reprise

I thought that it was about time I revisited the telling of this journey, especially as this tale is pretty much what kicked off the whole thing over a decade ago!

Anyway, I’ve picked up from where I left off, at the end of the Rustboy feature in 3D World magazine.

One of the original Manny images, created with Maya 3D animation software.

Over The Wall!

Yes, I’ve finally added to the Wall Stories section from some of the work that Olga (my creative partner) and I have been working on.

In truth, we have a lot of stories – some short, some long, so choosing something for the site was not that easy, being spoilt for choice. With that being the case, I opted for showcasing this one. It was written as a contribution for a magazine that Olga’s produced at uni on the subjects of Art, Activism and the Education System. It’s a first issue for them so should it continue and they want my involvement, then I’ll keep adding to the mix.

The story is called, “The Repulsive World Of The 3 Not-So Little Pigs”, and there has been talk of perhaps turning it into a graphic story. Personally, I have enough going on right now to begin drawing that, but should a potential collaborator come forth, then who knows?

The 3 Not-So Little Pigs.

POEM No. 5

I’ve added Poem No. 5 to the series for the Poetry section.
This one is called, “Now & Then (...& Now Again)” and deals with the break-up of a relationship and that sometimes awkward aspect of returning belongings back to an ex.

As I’ve said before, these are only excerpts from each of the whole poem so they actually read better in the context of the journey of each from A-Z, or beginning to end.