Mr. DOZO Comes To Town!

Yes, finally, here’s the Mr. DOZO update. It’s a little small, but that’s actually because I’ve been busy creating thumbnails of the complete story from Issue 1.
I’ve already decided how this story is going to be realised. I’ll get into that in the next update.

To create the initial ‘prototype’ of the Mr. DOZO graphic story, I simply cut in half a plain paper notebook that I had lying around that came free with a children’s meal! This  meant I could have 2 issues of the story to plan up.
From here, I use a pencil to draw up the graphic story in ‘thumbnail’ format; the whole volume. Once this is done, I can begin drawing up the story in a larger format, panel by panel (Checkout, BEGINNING OF A METHOD on the Mr. DOZO main page).

A notebook, after being ‘modified’ for creative purposes. The bottom half becoming Vol. I.

Volume I of Mr. DOZO, in thumbnail format, showing him on his way to his next gig.

Another shot of the Mr. DOZO thumbnail; his arrival at a children’s party.

I’ve also added a section to the MIFFED! main page – MIFFED! OF FURRY!, about the techniques used to create the fur on the character.

An example of the digitally painted fur created in Photoshop.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave any feedback, ask questions or just say what you think about this or any other realisation on the site. Thanks again, and see you soon. Ciao!


“Drums Of War” Images Added

I thought I may as well add a few images that I made from the Drums Of War book project (including a depiction of soldiers in the trenches during WWI), mainly so as people could get an idea of how it was initially envisioned.

Also, I’ve decided to add another poem in the series for the Poetry section.
This one is Poem No. 4 in the series called, “I Miss Those Days”.

Next week I’ll be adding a couple of images for the “Mr. DOZO” Project.